BitCon Corporation


Our Company
Since 1994, BitCon Corporation has been providing services to customers across many industry sectors. In the public sector, BitCon Corp has provided paving services to many cities and towns in Eastern Massachusetts and has also completed many projects in both the commercial and residential sectors across Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire.

BitCon is a family business and while we service many customers, those customer centric ideals of a family business always provide us with our direction. Utilizing Philip Knowles’s 50 years of expertise in the construction and paving industry as our foundation, BitCon has always strived to deliver the best product for our customers and to be a leader in the paving industry in Massachusetts.

At BitCon, we utilize our many areas of expertise to meet our customer’s needs on every front. Our mix of experience between our sales professionals and our team of field management gives us an edge over our competition. Our field team is trained in OSHA and keeps up to date with the latest safety regulations. We believe that a safe work environment is a sound work environment and it enables our team to deliver a better product for our customers.

In 1994, the company started out as a small one man operation and has now grown into a multi-million dollar company providing services to a wide array of customers. We are always looking for new ways we can meet the challenge of providing our customers with the highest quality product.

Our Owner and Founder
Philip Knowles has been involved in the paving industry for almost 50 years. He started out as a young asphalt salesman at Essex Bituminous Concrete Corp in 1967. Since then he has provided his expertise to many firms, including Essex Bituminous Concrete Corp, Merrimack Paving, The Middlesex Corporation, and Aggregate Industries. In 1994, he launched his own company, BitCon Corporation. Since founding the company, Philip Knowles has always strived to meet and exceed his customer’s expectations. This is the basis and the principles that we use in our day to day operations.

Business Areas
BitCon provides paving services across Massachusetts and in Southern New Hampshire. We work across market sectors, including public, commercial, and residential. For further information, please contact us at
BitCon Corporation